All of our teachers have these things in common:

  • They're all from the United States and have American accents

  • They're all TEFL certified from accredited institutions like The Language House TEFL

  • They've all had professional work experience outside of being English teachers

  • They're committed to helping you improve and perfect your English while creating a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere (so it doesn't feel like work!)

Get to know them and see who is the best fit for you--Your first 30 minute lesson is free of charge! Book your lesson today!

Rebecca McIntosh

Specializations: English for Young Learners, Pronunciation, Conversation Skills

  • Hi, I’m Rebecca!

  • I am originally from the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina.

  • I obtained a bachelor’s degree from Appalachian State University with a degree in Communication Disorders (Dual degree in Speech Therapy and Audiology).

  • I have years of experience with working with children and have had various jobs with English language teaching.

  • Due to my experiences working with children, I decided to take a leap and move abroad!

  • Though I can teach all ages and levels, I specialize in pronunciation, conversational skills, reading, writing and have many years of experience with young learners.

  • When I am not teaching, I enjoy traveling, hiking and exploring new places around Prague! 

Sheri Ballard

Specializations: Business English, Everyday English for Fun - Conversation, Adult English, Academic English - Writing A Thesis; Test Preparation

  • Hi, I’m Sheri.  I’m a native of Canada (the western part) and have lived and traveled all over that country.  I also lived in the United States for many years, working and traveling around.  I’m the only Canadian speaker in the group, but my accent is a mix of Canada and US.

  • I’ve lived in more than 15 cities in 4 countries, so far.

  • I love to travel.  Sightseeing and traveling light, hiking, and kayaking trips are my favourite ways to explore. I’ve been to a lot of countries and love to hear from fellow travelers about new places. 

  • I have 3 big, friendly dogs that share my house with me in Prague.  Sometimes we meet students for walks and talks.

  • I have a Business degree and a Master’s degree in Education, plus many years in the business world in all different fields.

  • I’ve been teaching English for about 7 years, mostly to business university students and adults. Before that, I founded a travel company and ran it for 16 years, before I sold it to keep exploring. I also taught my own children for 5 years in all subjects.

  • My goal with students is to get them to enjoy speaking English and feel comfortable even if they are not fluent. I try to make our lessons fun and enjoyable. 

Giuseppe Catanzariti

Specializations: Business English, English for Young Learners, English for Beginners

  • Hello there, I'm Giuseppe!

  • I am a native English speaker, born and raised in New England, USA. 

  • I'm passionate about traveling and crazy about language!

  • I studied English in college and have spent years studying foreign languages (with mixed degrees of success).

  • I've been teaching English as a Second language since 2012 and it's something I truly love to do. 

  • I've had students of every age and from all over the world, and I've enjoyed teaching every one of them.

  • More than anything I look forward to getting to know new students and helping them on their journey!

Steph headshot.jpg
Stephanie Cohen, Founder & Head Teacher

Specializations: Interview Preparation, Pronunciation, Public Speaking,

Medical English

  • Hi, I’m Stephanie, the founder and head teacher of Studio English.

  • I was born in New York and grew up just outside of Washington DC.

  • Age 7:  My love for acting and performing started early, but there was always that worry whether I’d ever have a “real job”.

  • 2007–2012:  I studied Acting and Theater at University, spending 3 years at Pace University in NYC and one and a half years at George Mason University in Northern Virginia. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts.

  • 2011-2016:  After graduating, I started working for Apple Retail (yes, that Apple!) in sales. Over the course of 5 years, I made my way from sales to customer trainer, then in-store employee trainer, market-wide employee trainer, and finally, assistant manager. (It seems I’ve always been teaching in one form or another!)

  • 2015:  After five years of working and living in the same area, I was ready for a change. I visited a friend who was living in Prague in the fall of 2015 and immediately fell in love with the city.

  • 05/2016:  Fast-forward six months, and my dog and I were boarding a one-way flight to the Czech Republic.

  • 06/2016:  I got my teaching certificate from The Language House in Prague and started teaching immediately. I spent the first year cutting my teeth as a teacher, teaching various age groups, English levels, and specialized courses (like Medical English, Business English, and Exam Preparation).

  • 05/2017:  I started Studio English in Vinohrady. I wanted to create a casual, fun atmosphere for learning English, while also using my background in the arts and technology to help students achieve their goals. I love my students and I love being able to help enrich their lives through the English language. I am living the dream – waking up excited to go to work every day and helping people, while having an amazing time doing it!