"Those who know many languages live as many lives as the languages they speak.”

Old Czech Proverb

Students learning English together
About Us

About Us

We believe the best way to learn English or to improve upon it is regular conversation. Our lessons, headed by an experienced native speaker, are constructed so as to fully immerse you in the language and to prepare you for striking up a conversation with a native speaker without fear in the future.

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Our Classes

Classes are situated in our studio at Vinohradská 100 (Prague, CZ). Whether you are interested in individual or group lessons, you have come to the right place. We will teach you to speak English without hesitation and we will also gladly prepare you for any and all exams, or to fine-tune your speaking skills. If you wish to learn English from the comfort of your home, you will certainly be pleased by our offer of online lessons.

Weekly Group Class Schedule
Residential Library
  • In-Person Group classes have been paused due to COVID-19.
  • If you're interested in attending once they're back, please 
    contact us!
English at any level

English for Beginners​

We speak from experience when we say that everybody can learn English. There is no such thing as a talentless student. There are only those who gave up due to boring lessons. This is impossible, in our case. Our beginner lessons will, in an entertaining way, have you speaking English without any doubt.

Always wanted to speak and sound like an American? 

All of our teachers are Native English speakers from the United States!

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